Today I had a random man stop me before I was getting on the train, asking if I were Muslim, to which I replied, “yes.” He then told me “Asalamulaykum,” and I responded “WaAlaykum Asalam.” He began to tell me that I will receive no baraqaat if I don’t include the “wa Rahmat’ Allah wa Baraqatum,” so I gave him the entire salaam,’ hoping he’d leave me alone. He began to tell me the importance of identifying as a Muslim, and sharing knowledge with other muslims and non-muslims.

Thinking he was done, I turned to leave, but he continued, and I listened, not wanting to be rude. He asked me if I knew the importance of sharing Islam and said it is my duty as a Muslim. He asked me if I knew the three questions I’d be asked in my grave and that was when I decided it was over. I told him, “I didn’t realize I was on trial” and he told me to stop being defensive, he’s just doing his job as my wali  (protector). He proceeded to tell me that as a man, he had the right and obligation to protect and guide mebecause I am alone. I told him he’s a complete stranger and that I did not need his patriarchy in my religion. 

this is where it turned ugly. He responded saying that, no, he is my wali, and he is no stranger, he is my brother in islam. He told me to stop being so tense, “you’re a perfect example of what the Quran says about women." I said, "excuse me?" He told me that "In the Quran, Allah says that hell is filled with women, because they are disobedient and always gossip." I gave him my two cents and walked away.

For those of you who want to give verbal dawaa:


Don’t quote verses of the Quran that do not exist.

Don’t say something with absolutely no proof.

Don’t approach complete strangers and interrogate and berate them.


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